Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy Novruz!

Novruz is traditional Azerbaijani holiday, which celebrates the coming of spring and the New Year in Persian calendar. To be honest, I don't really look at it as a New Years celebration, since in my world is year 2014, not 1392 (?) but I look at it as a celebration of spring. It's been 12 years already, that I've been living outside of my hometown - Baku, but wherever I am, I make sure, I have my khoncha, semeni and Azerbaijani delights on Novruz. 
Novruz is celebrated on 20-21st of March, but one month before the actual holiday, people celebrate the four last pre-holiday Tuesdays. They are called:
  • Su Chershenbesi - Tuesday of Water
  • Od Chershenbesi - Tuesday of Fire
  • Yel Chershenbesi - Tuesday of Wind
  • Torpag Chershenbesi - Tuesday of Earth
We usually prepare the khoncha, which is a tray with different kind of nuts, raisins, dried fruits, dyed eggs and traditional Azerbaijani sweets. We also put samani in the centerpiece of the table and lighting up the candles.
I want to wish my Azerbaijani and Persian readers, Happy Novruz! May the coming of spring bring happiness and peace to the world!
Novruz Bayraminiz Mubarek!


  1. Aaaaaaaa you have Paxlava? That's it , i am coming over:))) Beautiful post! Happy Novruz!

    1. I had some from Baku, uje zakonchilas, I wanna ask my mom to send me more :))



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